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A behind the scenes look at creating the Peek-a-Band

Our Journey to creating Peek-a-Band has been filled with all kinds of fun twists and turns that we would love to share with you. In the summer of 2014 over a family dinner, discussing the days issues, Tricia had the idea to create a product that would help her salon clients get the vibrant hair color that they desired without having a salon color as she knew how quickly these colors faded and how they didn't offer multiple options. (INSERT Family Picture Here)Craig quickly prompted her to explain her idea in more detail, encouraging her to help him create a proto type.  As the discussion progressed they determined that they would need a name for their product. Rylee, the 16 year old, had an idea... let's call them Peeka's! Because they peek through your hair. (Insert Peekas peeking through hair here)That lead to the name Peek-a-Band with Peekas that can be attached individually to the band. After the proto type was created and tested it was now time to tell the world about them by making a commercial. The next stop on our journey was Kansas City MO. So without hesitation we hoped on a plane but first inorder to save money we non-reved (flew on a buddy pass) to Kansas, City. This was not without the challenge of boarding the right flight. As you may or may not know when flying on a non-rev ticket you might not make the flight and that is exactly what happened. After hours of trying to get on a flight Tricia and Rylee made it.. they were on there way to Kansas or so they thought. The flight took them from their home town of Salt Lake City Utah through Denver and back to Salt Lake City. After the confusion cleared, 8 hours of travel, they ended up in Kansas. Filming the commercial proved to be an exciting experience, not only did they appear in the commercial, they did hair and make-up behind the scenes. . Finally, it was time to air the commercial nationally for their test market. The commercial appeared on National TV.