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Why Every Girl Is Going To Want Color Hair Extensions in 2016?

20 Jan, 2016

Why Every Girl Is Going To Want Color Hair Extensions in 2016?

It goes without saying that the trends in hairstyling and hair coloring are always changing. All you have to do is turn on your television, go to the movies or look at your favorite Instagram, Vine or YouTube girls to see that vibrant hair color is in vogue! 

Yes, if there is one thing for certain, the world of color is very exciting and the year 2016 is going to be no exception. However, today’s hairnista has options. Instead of having to look into permanent color or even temporary kits for your hair, you may want to think about the hottest trend going - color hair extensions

hair color extension

I know. Cool, right? 

Today more than ever, we all want that quick fix and with color hair extensions it is totally possible.How you might ask?  With a Peek-A-Band halo. 

What I love most about the unique patent pending Peek-A-Band halo is that thePeekas offer unlimited interchangeable designs. In addition, this new type of hair fiber can be cut, curled, or straightened and, best part of all, the hair will never fade! Quite honestly, there is no other product like it on the market. 

It gets even better ladies because you can attachup to 8 Peekas to the revolutionary Peek-A-Band.You can continuously change your hairstyle without really working for it. Going to prom, Disneyland, parties and out to dinner all require different hair looks. Or, sometimes you wake up and feel like you want pink or purple hair. It’s a girl’s prerogative! 

Whether you want to add a different shade at the nape of your neck or you are hoping to put a few bright splashes here and there, you will see that nothing is easier than utilizing the best Halo hair extension. 

So, where is the best place to get these gorgeous extensions? Peekas. They are adorbs! If you want fuller, longer, natural looking hair that has hints of sassy, playful, colorful pastels then you have to order these extensions. 

Best part of all, the hair extensions are affordable to buy. So, if you are on a budget, but you still want to look great, Peekas is for you.TheHalo hair extensioncan be added to your hair in seconds. What I love is that you may decide to have blue hair when you wake up, but before you go out the door you decide to add a hint of pink too. The sky is the limit to what you can create.

When you get ready to transform your style in the new year, be sure that you go for something bright and bold so that you can get the most out of the wow factor that color extensions are known for. For 2016, you really cannot beat color hair extensions in any shade! 

About the author: Sherry Harris is the solopreneur of Sherry’s Life. On the blog she writes about any and everything related to hair care, hairstyles and even hair colors.