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Bold color for Coachella

17 Mar, 2016

Bold color for Coachella

Bold Coachella Hair Colors For The Music & Arts Festival

Are you adventurous? Do you have a strong personality? Are you going to Coachella this year? If so, you might want to step up to a whole new hair challenge by trying rich and bold hair colors.

Dare to be different and try sassy pink, fiery red, blond, turquoise or mixed cotton candy? To get mixed cotton candy combine several gorgeous pastel colors. All you have to do is choose your Peekas (hair colors) to attach to your extraordinary Peek-A-Band. Go wild girls! You can attach up to 8 Peekas on the band.

The bottom line…when it comes to hair color trends, there’s never a dull moment. When you head out to free-spirited Coachella you can expect to see ladies dressed in super short cut-offs, sheer tops and floral crowns. Some haute hues you can expect this year are, of course, splashes of hair color.

Trends start with people on the street and at festivals wearing intriguing hairstyles that others want to replicate. At other times, you flip through magazines or visit your favorite blog and spot hair color trends that are celebrity driven.

Stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna and Taylor Swift can wear a new look and it will catch on fire. Their style choices can influence women to recreate the look. You might also find hairspiration on the runways at New York, London, Paris and Milan. These hairstyles can offer inspiration when you go about preparing your hair for Coachella.

Whether you want a brand new look or a slight update, wearing color hair extensions are always in vogue. Best part, you don’t have to get ready by booking a hair appointment. Nope, you can quickly and easily add an explosion of color with no hassle.

Another reason you are going to love Peekas is that they are safe for your hair. You don’t have to risk coloring your hair with chemical laden dyes. Trust me, the women who normally stick to traditional colors like brown or black hair will step out of their comfort zone at Coachella.

You will see women of all ages and ethnicities with playful, bold colors. And, why not? It is temporary fun.

Coachella is right around the corner. Two weeks of desert fun. Get in on the action with colored hair extensions. Peekas can be cut, curled, or straightened, and the hair will never fade. They also offer unlimited interchangeable designs.

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