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The only Halo extension system in the world that can have up to 8 separate pieces of hair on one band.
Simply select your Peekas(hair) and attach them to the Peek-a-Band. Up to 8 Peekas can fit on the band, so let your creativity flow.
Fuller, longer, natural looking hair? Sassy, playful, colorful pastels? You choose your style.
Step 1: Buy your Peek-A-Band
Step 2: Add your Peekas


Add your color(s)
With the flexibility of Peekas you are free to choose a new color every day of the week.  At only $19.99 $10.99 for 2 long sassy strands of hair why not try them all. *Peekas are 18" long and can be cut,curled and straightened. “Peekas”(the hair)”: Color with out commitment, choose...


Peekas are new type of fiber hair that can be cut, curled, or
straightened, and it will never fade! Peekas offer unlimited interchangeable designs
with our unique patent pending Peek-a-Band attachment System.
Kick your resolutions into high gear with our performance wear & tag us @PEEKAS on Instagram
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